We are WeCode.

A team of 20+ passionate tech-lovers with a love for coding.


What we do

We provide high-quality web solutions related to web applications, e-commerce, mobile apps, and other custom-built solutions.


How we do it

We use a test-driven approach to ensure a high degree of quality in our work including the latest technology.


Why we do it

We are tech-lovers that strive for becoming the ultimate tech-partner for our clients.

The Team

Alexander Lindkjær

Andreas Larsen

Armando Tapia

Camilla Groth Møller

Christian Dolberg

Daniel Karstens

Fredrik Mikkelsen

Jakob Johannesen

Jannick Holm

Jonas Hoffmann

Lukas Jakobsen

Rasmus Jeppsen

René Dyja

Sebastian Engelmann

Simon Adams

Simon Kruse

Tobias Midskard Sørensen

Troels Johannesen

The WeCode Culture

At WeCode, we share the same mindset. We have 5 values that we all strive to fulfil each day.

  1. Follow through.

  2. Keep pushing past your limits.

  3. Be honest and straightforward.

  4. Take professional pride.

  5. Cherish our social togetherness.


WeCode is well connected

Our success is not only a result of our dedicated employees. We are privileged to have great and strong partnerships with our business partners.