About us

WeCode is a web development agency situated in the inner part of Copenhagen. The agency was formed in 2015, and today, we are a team of 15 people. At WeCode, we work professionally and put dedication into all of our tasks, regardless of whether it is to develop unique and customized digital solutions for our customers, or if it is to optimize standard solutions or make a simple troubleshooting. 

We develop complex quality solutions within webshops, websites and custom-built platforms, and we consult businesses on their digital strategy and setup to help them scale the generation of digital value in their business.

We always have time to listen. This is why we often understand the needs of our customers from the beginning, meaning that, more often than not, we’ll be able to deliver exactly the kind digital design or solution you were dreaming of. We take pride in delivering high quality products and services, and a there’s especially one thing we share with our business partners and clients: The ambitions for the projects are high.

Interested in hearing more about our work and how we can help move your project forward?
Give us a call on +45 71 74 32 42 and hear more about what we can do for you - we always have time for new customers! 

Alexander Lindkjær

CTO, Partner

Andreas Borris

CFO (Interim)

Armando Tapia


Camilla Groth Møller

Project leader, Partner

Christian Dolberg

Developer, Partner

Diego Bueno Landeta Etchegaray


Jonas Hoffman


Jonas Thomsen

Communication & marketing

Mie Jakobsen

Front-end developer

Rasmus Jeppsen


René Dyja


Robert Hansen


Simon Adams


Tobias Midskard Sørensen


Troels Johannesen

CEO, Partner