A digital driveway to Denmark

Aiways Danmark has gone from an opening landing page to a full-blown e-commerce site.

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As a modern manufacturer, Aiways’ goal is to build electric cars that are enjoyable to drive, easy to operate, and affordable to many people.

Recently the company found its way into the Danish car market together with Andersen Motors A/S, who helped them inside, like they also did with Suzuki in 1996. And to make a proper entrance, Aiways needed an intuitive and attractive site, tailored to the product and concept of Aiways.


Aiways Danmark


Landing page


UI Design

Vanilla JS


2021 -

A full-service e-commerce platform

The overall goal has been to build a dynamic site that follows Aiways’ entrance into the Danish market. Practically, we have done this by initially building an attractive landing page, from which we later have turned into a full-service e-commerce platform. This is the reason why we have created the site in Shopify. Shopify allows us to take advantage of a proper shopping flow - from initially reading about the car and its properties, booking a test drive, customizing the car, finding the right partner holding the cars, and in the end, providing a proper checkout.

An interactive user experience

In addition to the e-commerce functionality through Shopify, we have utilized JavaScript frameworks to attain an intuitive, interactive user experience. The result is a site that provides the users with a wide range of options to explore the car and customize it the way they want, while simultaneously keeping the site simple to navigate. 

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An interactive user experience

With HTML and JavaScript, we have developed the landing page for Gjensidige's video campaign, in which the user is in charge.

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