App development

Do you have the idea for a mobile app? We can help you build and develop your idea towards a fully developed and implemented mobile app. See more about how we can help you reach an app solution that will fulfil all your requirements.

App development: We start by uncovering your need 

The first step is to make sure you get the solution that best meets your needs. Based on your idea and your goal with developing an app, we help you find out what kind of app best suits your purpose. It's often overlooked that there are other options than native apps, which are developed specifically for Android or iOS with a high price level as a result. Because of this, there is value to be gained from considering your options.

Find the app solution that fits your purpose

Overall, you have three choices when it comes to mobile apps:


  • Performance: Top
  • Availability: One platform
  • Price level: High


  • Performance: Medium
  • Availability: In browser
  • Price level: Lowest

Hybrid-apps i

  • Performance: Top
  • Availability: All platforms
  • Price level: Lower

Each solution has its advantages and disadvantages in terms of price and functionality, and it’s important to make the choice based on the requirements of the individual project. Web applications often create many opportunities, but if the solution is intended for mobile as the primary platform, it provides more functionality to develop the app specifically for this.

Our approach to app development

At WeCode, we develop mobile apps in Google’s app-framework, In Google’s own words, makes it possible to develop "hybrid apps with native performance". And when you develop solutions in the framework, the logic behind the statement becomes clear.

With apps developed in, we allow our customers to take advantage of both the functionality level of native apps and the flexibility and lower cost of hybrid apps. With a hybrid app developed in, you get an app designed and adapted to one platform (App Store for example), but not necessarily limited to this one platform. At the same time, the app can be customized to Android's app store, Google Play, so the app's availability is quickly expanded.

The development process with your app

From the moment you present us with your initial idea, you will be assigned a permanent developer and contact person at WeCode. From planning graphic design, presentation of wireframes (virtual mockups of app building) and through the development process itself, we make sure that you get plenty of opportunity to shape the direction of the app’s development. In line with our testing strategy, we also ensure that the app is thoroughly tested before itøs launched. After the launch, we’ll provide ongoing support so that any challenges are addressed quickly.

Through this process, we ensure that you end up with a professional app that matches the wishes you had from the beginning. Would you like to hear more about the possibilities of getting your app developed with us? Contact us below.