Our project approach

Agile project management

The agile approach is a central element in our client collaborations, because it allows both parties to adjust the development process continuously. We do this because we’ve seen in a wide range of projects that that an agile and iterative process, with room for changes and updates along the way, is the best way to a solid and well-worked-out code. For us, it’s a way to ensure that we meet all the goals that our customers have for their projects – and in due time! At the same time, the adaptability often brings new perspectives on how the ideas for the solution are best realized.

We always emphasize being in close dialogue with our customers, as it’s often here that our solutions reach an extra level functionality and capabilities that neither we or our customer considered from the beginning. In short, good collaborations are what allow us to deliver products that are even better than the what you initially imagined. 

SCRUM: A solid project foundation

Transparency, evaluation and adaptability are some of the key words that we think are most important in our project approach. Whenever we start a project, it is always with the ambition of initiating a process that takes into account the frame and goal of the project, and creates a solid path to the finished solution. And while our own project management experience is central in this regard, few sensible businesses go out and form their approach with including the methodologies of those who have been trying and testing the different approaches continuously. Because of that we’ve identified and implemented the tools that we think match the approach of us and our clients the best. 

Our mindset when it comes to project work is in many aspects complemented by the SCRUM framework. The framework emphasizes implementation of processes and techniques, revolving around continuous improvement of product, team and work environment. In practice, we use Monday.com's SCRUM planning and coordination tool, and in our projects, our customers often do the same thing. We’ve found this to provide clear communication while ensuring that everyone involved is continuously up to date on the progress. This is by no means a shortcut to the “perfect project”, and achieving coordination and effective communication is something we work with in many different ways. However, in all its simplicity, the SCRUM-tool creates an opportunity for us and our clients to realize some of the most essential parts of a good project.