In the old days, selling a car took place in the actual shop of the car dealer. Now, things look a bit different. Today, virtually all companies related to the automotive industry have, to some extent, gone digital. This includes several digital applications connected to the traditional business, on which a large part of both the internal and external business processes now takes place. However, building and maintaining a fully functional digital setup, with all the necessary features and automations this entails, can be a difficult task.

High-performing digital solutions

At WeCode, we excel in creating high-performing digital solutions that fit the needs of each individual company related to the automotive industry. Whether you need help with your digital expression visually towards your customers or a complete digital platform that, besides your sales processes, also includes some of your internal processes, such as administration and bookkeeping, we know what to do. With expertise in a wide array of relevant tech tools as well as hands-on experience with creating solutions for various car companies, we are both well-equipped and well-educated in developing digital applications for the automotive industry.

Selected Car Leasing

Selected Car Leasing has accommodated the activity of leasing a car by integrating a whole new digital system, which makes this process a lot more efficient and straightforward. This means that mandatory processes such as creating and signing the contract are handled automatically. The same applies to the information of a car, which is retrieved directly from the Danish Motor Register through a custom-built API. Likewise, taking care of bookkeeping and expenses has also gone digital in the new system through the integrated accounting program, e-conomic. With these new digital integrations, we have made the act of leasing a car at Selected Car Leasing easier than ever before.

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The car manufacturer of Suzuki has been a part of the Danish automotive industry for more than 20 years and is still considered to be one of the best-selling auto brands in Denmark. This also means that the website of the Danish department, driven by Suzuki Bilimport Danmark A/S, has to be top-tuned in order to meet the high demand. That is why we developed a digital solution in Statamic, which guarantees a responsive page with a sharp design and an intuitive structure that is tailored to the content of Suzuki Danmark.

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Aiways Danmark

When the car brand of Aiways entered Denmark, they also needed a proper digital entrance. Specifically, Aiways wanted a dynamic, intuitive site that illustrated the company’s entrance into the Danish market. We approached this challenge by initially building an attractive landing page, which we later turned into a full-service e-commerce platform, with a range of options for the customer; from booking a test drive, customizing the ideal car, finding the right partner, and finally, of course, buying a new car.

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Jensen Leasing

The Danish car company Jensen Leasing has been equipped with a website, which we have built in WordPress. As its focal point, the website comes with a user-friendly filtering feature. Visit Jensen Leasing’s new website here.

Agile Development

The agile approach is the seed of our work with our clients. We believe, and experience, that the best results are created when both parties are on board from start to finish. In this regard, the agile process is the ideal process – to us, and to our clients.


Initially, we come together to outline and define the product you want.


At this stage, we work out the UX/UI design together with you and tailor the specific design to the application you want.


When your design is in place, coding the product begins. Naturally, we will handle all of this for you.


When the product is ready, it is time to launch and go live. We will take care of all the necessary testing and quality checking that is needed at this stage.


Now it is time to meet and evaluate the process and, of course, the product itself.