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Shopify-webshop: New modules and a clear product structure

WeCode has developed further features for BlackSnow’s webshop, which was built in Shopify with a sharp design

BlackSnow was founded in 2012 and sells quality products for skiing and mountainbiking. BlackSnow was founded by five young Danish guys with a passion for action sports and a mission to make the best gear available to the community. Therefore, they only sell gear that they can vouch for themselves.


BlackSnow's site represents some of the finest that Shopify can offer as a platform. Through their webshop, BlackSnow exports to several countries in the Nordic region. At WeCode, we have the pleasure of continuously making various integrations and extensions to BlackSnow’s webshop. With the Intercom integration, for example, it is easy for BlackSnow’s customers to get support via the plugin and follow the goods on their way from the warehouse.

Clearly structured e-commerce

In the project, we’ve also focused on creating a structure in the webshop that presents BlackSnow's products in a clear way. Navigating around the different types of ski equipment has be easy and intuitive, even if you as a visitor are looking for a particular item from a particular brand. Therefore, we’ve created a finely divided product structure that makes it easy to find the exact item you’re looking for. At the same time, the product structure can be continuously optimized based on data from the implemented tracking on the page.

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