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When your digital applications are connected

We've developed a custom-built platform that creates coherence in Inviso's digital business model    

Data experts – that’s the term that describes Inviso. The company was founded in 2014, and with their offices at Vesterbro in Copenhagen, they now count 31 specialists in data analysis and business development. Through data analysis, Inviso optimizes their customers' business in a fast and easy way. Based on the Tableau and Alteryx applications, they advise and train their clients so they can utilize the options the options that comes with having an insight into your own data.

About the solution: An important prioritization

In every business model, there is a number of applications behind the business's daily operations. Whether it's bookkeeping, lead management or time management, it's essential that the applications work optimally. However, what many people see as even more essential is the combination of applications and the key processes of the business. Inviso identified a need and a possible solution: A custom-built platform developed in Laravel.

With future considerations

The key to developing the platform was to gather Inviso's business processes and streamline their use of different programs and applications. This led to different integrations, all developed based on the idea of ​​an adaptable digital platform. The ambition to make the platform adaptable was realized by developing the entire platform modularly, so each integrated application easily can be replaced and customized in the future.

Multiple processes - one platform

As a certified partner of applications such as Tableau and Alteryx, Inviso offers their clients both licenses and training in data processing. This means that they handle a portfolio of customers who have continuous subscriptions to the applications. But on top of this, they also host events, webinars, and training courses to enable their customers to use data as an integral part of their business. This also means that Inviso's business segments require different ways to handle orders - and this is where the platform creates coherence in their digital setup.  

The concrete benefits

Accounting, lead management and employee information management are now managed directly from the platform through the e-conomic, Harvest, Pipedrive and G Suite integration. New employees are automatically integrated into the platform through the G suite integration, and when employees log hours on a project, the project is connected to the system and the time spent is therefore registered automatically. Overall, the platform provides four main menu items: Blogs, teams, events and orders, and through these, quick access to the various applications and an overall view that saves Inviso time and effort in their daily work.

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