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CRM platform: Digital management of salary, vouchers and KPIs

We've built a customer platform for handling payrolls, enclosures and financial KPIs for the individual companies that Keepers work for.

Keepers consists of a dedicated team of experienced financial consultants who deliver tailor-made accounting and consulting services to companies throughout Denmark. The services include accounting, validation, calculation, reporting to authorities and management reporting. The amount of consultancy experience on the Keepers team allows them to offer a unique outsourcing concept and to manage small as well as heavy accounting tasks for their customers.

About the solution - the bigger overview

As Keepers collaborates with everything from start-ups to large companies, an overview of their customer portfolio was necessary. Through the Laravel platform, Keepers has a dashboard that provides a comprehensive overview of the many companies. Here, they can easily asses the number of current customers, customers lacking any salary reports or attachments, as well as the status of  the individual company’s bookkeeping and deadlines.

Making cooperation easy

The tasks Keepers undertake require ongoing communication between them and their customers: For example in relation to payroll management where employee information must be updated on a regular basis. This process is made simplified with the customer platform where the information can be updated by both the customer and Keepers. Here, Keepers can also enter employee hours and export information to the payroll system , where they complete the salary and generate payrolls.

Controlling the financial statements

The client platform is integrated into the bookkeeping system e-conomic. Furthermore, it automatically retrieves a list of entries made by customers. The platform loads attachments and generates a comprehensive report of any missing customer attachments. If anything is missing, an email will automatically be sent to the customer about the missing documents.

Deeper financial insight

By virtue of their experience in the industry, Keepers, as mentioned, can handle heavier accounting tasks for their customers. In this regard, Keepers also offer their customers a Power BI as an additional service that can be integrated with the platform. By also purchasing the Power BI, the customers can quickly get an overview of their financial KPIs and their overall economic performance.

Do you provide SaaS to your customers and want to make sure they have the best overview they can get? Contact us below, and hear how this can be achieved with a digital platform.