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Scalable CRM platform for the world's largest Indiegogo campaign

In connection with Mate.Bike’s Indiegogo success, we've developed a CRM platform that handles the many bike orders and the customer information that comes with them.

Mate.Bike produces electric bikes at a fair price. The electric bike is funded via the crowdfunding site Indiegogo and with a funding of more than DKK 35 million is the largest Danish crowdfunding campaign to date. The electric bikes are sold and distributed to most of the world, and as such, the models vary according to the legislation of each country. The start-up company was founded by the siblings Christian Adel Michael and Julie Kronstrøm.

The road to success

With a goal to get more bikes on the streets, Mate.Bike started their campaign on Indiegogo. The project was met with massive support from backers all over the world, and the bikes were put into production. To handle the high demand of their e-bikes, Mate.Bike needed a platform to support the ordering process.

Indiegogo – a crowdsourcing adventure

Before their own webshop was complete, Mate.Bike sold their bikes through Indiegogo. WeCode's CRM platform retrieves the orders through the Indiegogos API and also enables their backers to validate their customer information so Mate.Bike avoids unforeseen shipping errors.

Easy payment with a Stripe integration

The start-up company receives orders from most of the world. The platform identifies which country the customer is buying from and calculates customs and VAT. The payment of customs and VAT is done via Stripe, which is integrated into the platform.

The platform automatically generates invoices and reminders. It makes the payment process smooth and easy while saving Mate.Bike the manual work of generating reminders themselves.

A large campaign

With the many orders it is easy to lose the overview. On the CRM platform, Mate.Bike can see which contributions from the backers on Indiegogo that have been dealt with and which are still being processed. They can also draw a comprehensive list of all contributions. Today, the sale of Mate.Bike's bicycles takes place through their own webshop, which WeCode has also developed. You can see the webshop here.

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