Development / Process optimization

Selected Car Leasing

Leasing made easier with digital processes

We've developed a new contract system, which enables Selected Car Leasing to generate offers and contracts digitally.

Selected Car Leasing, which is part of the Selected Car Group, was among the first to offer period leasing of sports cars and cars in the premium segment in. With the sister companies, Selected Car Leasing reside on the island of Fyn at the centre of Denmark, in a newly built and exclusive domicile with inspiring showrooms. Their cars are also displayed on the beach boulevard in Copenhagen, with similarly beautiful showrooms at the prominent location.

About the solution: The engine behind

When the cars are to be leased and the lease payments are calculated, there are many factors to be included in the calculations. In this regard, it’s important to have a digital system that can make the process as little time consuming as possible. For this purpose, we’ve developed Selected Car Leasing's new contract system in Laravel. The system can automatically generate offers and contracts based on the car and customer information, which minimizes manual work. 

Sharp design and high speed

The new system acts as a digital platform throughout the entire business process for Selected Car Leasing: From the customer expresses interest in leasing a car, till they’ve received their contract so that the lease agreement can be signed and the car can get on the road. In addition to this, the system has been developed with a number of integrations to make the process faster and easier.

Integrations that provide functionality

Information from the Danish Central Business Register is automatically obtained for offers and contracts so that the customer's details don’t have to be manually entered. The same applies to the car's information, which is retrieved directly from the Danish Motor Register through a custom-built API. The contracts are signed digitally by the customers using double authentication, which is also integrated into the system. Furthermore, the related bookkeeping processes are also carried out internally in the system, through the integrated accounting program e-conomic. For leasing companies, many different elements of the economic aspect of the lease must be taken into account. Therefore, the bookkeeping process was mapped by the financial management consultants Keepers, so the system could be tailored exactly to the needs of Selected Car Leasing in their daily use of the contract system.

An important transition

With Selected Car Leasing's 35 years of experience in appraisal, purchase and sale of cars, they’ve gathered a large amount of knowledge and business data. Transferring a database of important data to a new system can often be a daunting process that keeps companies from increasing the efficiency of their digital platforms with new solutions.

In cooperation with Selected Car Leasing, we have worked around this complication by importing all data from the old system into the new one. This means that the car information is available from the beginning, so new leases can be made immediately. Additionally, documents and files from the old system can also be associated with leads and customers in the new system, so all the necessary information is easily available.

Coherent cooperation

As mentioned, Selected Car Leasing, together with the two sister companies, is part of the Selected Car Group. In a previous cooperation with them, we’ve built a platform for handling cars across the three companies. Read about the project here.

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