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Scalable app-foundation in a growing market

WeCode has developed an updated API and backend for Simplyjob in Laravel, creating a scalable digital foundation for the job app's growth.

SimplyJob has gone to market with a vision to make it simple, visual and digital for young people to search for jobs. In an industry dominated by heavy and conservative players, SimplyJob offers teenagers an opportunity to find news jobs in a way that they understand. Their approach has secured their own clients a volume of applicants that easily matches the previous market offer - and more.

A rejuvenation of the industry

With their app, SimplyJob meets the younger generation at their own level. This has resulted in a large increase of users and companies looking for applicants. But managing to find an audience that really needs your product is not only an opportunity, it’s also a challenge, especially in terms of the digital aspects, when your core product is a mobile application. In this regard, SimplyJob was facing a challenge: All information and data was integrated into the app from their website's backend. This previous backend however, wasn’t built to keep up with the growth that SimplyJob faced. This created the need for a scalable web solution.

Keeping up with the growth

When you have a solution that works but isn’t scalable to the level that’s required by the growth you’re achieving, the goal is relatively simple: Create the same functions, but on a scalable level, so the solution becomes sustainable. However, to develop that is (as is often the case) a bigger task that you might expect. We tackled this by restoring the backend in Laravel. The new code provided space for the system to be further developed and expanded in the future, while maintaining the features of the existing solution. So what does that mean for SimplyJob?

A solid digital basis

There is no doubt that SimplyJob's app plays a key role in how they have managed to rethink the Danish recruitment industry. With an app adding something unique to mix, the international market also provides an exciting opportunity for their service. In this connection, a scalable backend providing the app with data is essential. The new API has added exactly that, meaning that SimplyJob can now utilize the digital tools behind the app to continue to grow their user base.

An important combination

With the updated backend and API, the coherence in SimplyJob's digital business model is maintained. The iOS and the Android versions of the app now functions with the same backend. This allows the setup to be preserved in the future, even as the app makes its entry to the international market.

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