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Spejl Blank

Booking and administration made easy

We've developed Spejl Blank’s new website in Laravel. The page contains an enhanced backend with integrations to both Teamup and Google Maps.

With their Danish name based upon the saying “smooth as a millpond”, Spejl Blank’s mission statement is simple: "Customers should be happy, we should be happy and nobody has time to wait". Their goal is also simple: Being your local window cleaner. The company was founded in 2012 by a group young entrepreneurs who had a dream of modernizing the window cleaning profession. They believed (and still believe) in a greener future, so they use environmentally friendly soap, and when the distance allows it, they come in their electric cars.

About the solution: Focus on happy customers

Spejl Blank works with a principle of always being flexible and accommodating. To make this as easy as possible for them was the purpose of the new website and the integrations it was developed with. The page is developed in Laravel and is designed so that Spejl Blank themselves can replace page content directly from the front end - a user-friendly feature that saves them the time and effort to move around the backend of the page.

Going with the flow

As Spejl Blank has grown as a company, their user base has done the same, and so have their number of bookings. Based on this, Spejl Blank wanted a well-functioning booking function that could automate their booking flow. We solved this by developing an extended backend to the page, and by making integrations to Teamup and Google Maps. Many of Spejl Blank’s customers also order via their mobile phone. Therefore, the page is designed based on the "mobile first" principle, where it’s first designed for mobile and then subsequently adapted to desktop and tablet. This ensures an intuitive user experience for both mobile and desktop users.

A coordinated team

Teamup is Spejl Blank’s internal calendar system. Because the calendar is integrated with the website via the backend, orders made by customers or entered by Spejl Blank employees are automatically transferred to the calendar. The orders are distributed as assignments to Spejl Blank’s employees, based on the individual employee's request for their geographical area of work and the size of the individual jobs they take. Based on the window cleaners’ home address, the Google Maps integration calculates which window cleaner is closest to the customer address, as well as the driving time between the different addresses. With these features, Spejl Blank’s team can spend their energy on making customers happy, rather than organizing their orders.

Window cleaning made easy

When you want to order a window cleaning, this can now be done through the click-to-price feature, which is part of the backend solution that WeCode has developed for the page. Through the feature, you can easily indicate what kind of panes you need to have cleaned and how many. Furthermore, you can see your price and make the order online. If you are already a customer, you can make a booking faster through the existing customer function.

In the backend, all orders made through click-to-price and existing customers are collected. Spejl Blank can correct, delete and rearrange bookings in the backend. We have also implemented a smart customer search feature, so Spejl Blank can quickly find a particular customer. All in all, the website features make the workday easier for Spejl Blank, so they can do the same for you - or at least make sure your windows are always clean and shining!

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