The raw data that you hold as a company can be of great value if you know how to turn that data into useful insights. For that very reason, many companies have turned some of their attention to the task of managing and processing their data in order to obtain the information that may be helpful to their businesses. Often, however, this is easier said than done.

Make your data valuable

Working with data is one of the main activities at WeCode. We know how to manage and integrate data and, through this, make that data valuable for you as a company. Maybe you have some data that you want to visualize in a new way. Or perhaps you need two separate applications to work together, which can grant you new kinds of relevant data insights for your business. We have developed a range of digital applications and integrations for various companies, which has made it possible for these companies to unlock new kinds of valuable data.


Inviso specializes in the field of data processing, data analysis, and the visualization of data. The company is an expert in optimizing its clients’ businesses in a fast and value-creating way. Today, the people at Inviso are one of our closest partners when it comes to knowledge sharing and professional assistance within the data industry. Through this collaboration, our insights and understanding of working with data have been significantly expanded.

Selected Car Leasing

When Selected Car Leasing asked for a new digital contract system, they did not want to leave behind the data they had acquired in the past. Fortunately, we found a way to transmit their data to the new system, which made all of the relevant data on cars and sales instantly accessible.

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The Danish Property Federation, EjendomDanmark, holds a huge amount of data that its members can utilize and benefit from using. We have helped EjendomDanmark create an API tool that provides each of its members with a unique entry into EjendomDanmark's database. This way, members are able to extract the data they are allowed to use, and then interpret it the way they want, internally, in their own company.

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Agile Development

The agile approach is the seed of our work with our clients. We believe, and experience, that the best results are created when both parties are on board from start to finish. In this regard, the agile process is the ideal process – to us, and to our clients.


Initially, we come together to outline and define the product you want.


At this stage, we work out the UX/UI design together with you and tailor the specific design to the application you want.


When your design is in place, coding the product begins. Naturally, we will handle all of this for you.


When the product is ready, it is time to launch and go live. We will take care of all the necessary testing and quality checking that is needed at this stage.


Now it is time to meet and evaluate the process and, of course, the product itself.