Data Scraping & Big Data

Do you have an idea for how you can utilize the endless amounts of data available to businesses today, but lack a way to get started? Learn more about how we can help.

Our approach

Data scratching creates opportunities in many different ways. Regardless of the kind of data you need, we collect the input and convert it into usable results in a clear interface. They key word in this regard is data integrity. By setting up filters and processes to ensure the quality of the data, we provide exactly the kind of information that will create value in your business. To set up these processes, we use Python - because of the language's high level of focus on usability.

Why Data Scraping?

With data scraping, you can gather and structure data from various sources, utilize research in the broadest sense of the word, and collect a wide variety of e-commerce data through the implementation of XML-feeds. If your e-commerce solution doesn't generate enough updates on your inventory for you to link to, for example, your Google Merchant Center, you end up having to update the inventory numbers (your SKUs) very often. This is where data scraping comes into the picture by saving you time and providing you with a more accurate overview of your inventory - and that's just one of many example of how it might just save you time and effort.

Tangible value with data scraping

Among our clients, you’ll find the Danish car company Selected Car Group, who lease cars in the premium segment. To help them provide a better data foundation for their investment decisions, we’ve just helped them access and organize data about cars and car auctions around the world.

The uses of data scraping mentioned above are completely different, and will provide value and very different ways. But that’s exactly the point - It gives you an idea how you data scraping and data modeling, almost regardless of your situation, can provide you with a useful tool  - that is, if you value data driven decision making. If so, the opportunities vary between anything from benchmarking to business development. With that said, the possibilities within the subject are still almost endless, and despite our great interest in the subject here at WeCode, we certainly can’t claim to have found them all yet. 

Do you have an idea for how data scarping can create value in your business? We’ll help you realize it. And if you’re still lacking the inspiration to find the idea, we’ll help get you there. 

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