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Desktop App Development

We can help you in developing a unique desktop application that fits your exact needs, and we will be your partner through the whole process, from idea to implementation.

High-quality Software

We use the ElectronJS framework for desktop applications. With ElectronJS, it is possible to use the same development languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat are used for web-based solutions. This provides an efficient path to a fully developed piece of software including native elements such as menus and notifications.

With ElectronJS you get:

  • A stable solution with a solid code.

  • Integrations of different app components.

  • Compatibility with different types of files.

  • High level of functionality and scalability.

Why a desktop app?

Most software products have interfaces and they often come in the form of either a web-based solution (using the app via a web browser) or a desktop app. Even though that much software is web-based, and with several benefits attached, you can quickly find desktop apps that you would not prefer to access using your web browser each time. Whether it is Slack you use for communication, DropBox for back-ups, or Spotify to control the sweet tunes in the office, it might just be easier to have the application on your desktop.

The benefits of having software as a desktop application

It is possible to convert almost any web application to a desktop application and vice versa. The question is, however, whether you will gain more value from having the application integrated into your system, or if it is easier for you to access the application in your browser. What usually makes the difference are the extra options and APIs in line with a desktop app as well as the ability to increase the user experience in offline mode. Additionally, you will have a piece of software that can boot automatically when you open your computer. The software can also provide system notifications when something in the app needs your attention, and you can, at any time, tab seamlessly over to the app.

Do you need help deciding whether a desktop application is a right solution for you? Get in touch with us today by clicking the link below