Do you have a piece of software in mind that would create value if integrated seamlessly in your daily work? Then our software developers can help.

Quality software solutions

WeCode's developers are experts in web development, and these are the same competencies we utilize when developing desktop apps/software for our customers. With the ElectronJS framework, it’s possible to use the same development languages ​​that are used for web-based solutions. This provides an effective path to a fully developed program by making native elements such as menus and notifications easily implementable in the development process. This way, we can focus on what creates value for you: The functionality of the app.


With ElectronJS you get :

  • Stable solutions and solid code
  • Seamless and quick integration of different app components
  • Compatibility with all the different file types you need
  • High level of functionality and scalability in your software solution

Why a desktop app?

Most software products have an interface, which often comes in the form of either a web-based solution (using the app via a browser) or a desktop app. Many programs today are web based, as there are also many benefits to that. But if you think twice, you can quickly find a few desktop apps that you would not have to go to your browser to access every time you use them. Whether it's Slack you use for communication, DropBox you use for back-up or Spotify you use to control the sweet tunes in the office, it might just be easier to have the application at hand all the time. If it's that kind of fast access you need for your new software, a desktop app is a good solution.

The concrete benefits of software as a desktop application

It’s possible to convert almost any web app to a desktop app. The question is whether you get more value from having the program integrated into your system, or if it might be easier for you to access the app in your browser. What usually makes the difference are the extra options and APIs that come with a desktop app, as well as the ability to increase the user experience with offline use. 

Additionally, with a desktop app, you’ll have a program that can boot automatically when you open your computer. The program can also provide system notifications when something in the app needs your attention, and you can at any time tab seamlessly over to the app..

Are you in doubt about whether a desktop application is the right solution for you? Or do you have a piece of software that you want developed in a professional environment? Get in touch with us below, and we’ll help you move forward in the process.