Digital integration

Automate your business processes and streamline your company's setup with digital integration. See more about your options here.

Achieve results when your business works digitally

Whether it's about sales, wages, finances or administrative tasks, most companies today work almost entirely digitally. So how do you make sure that the digital processes in your business give your employees the right conditions to work efficiently? For many, the answer can be found in the digital setup. Read more about your options here:

Why digital integration?

For many, there’s value to be gained from ensuring that their digital applications synergize in their daily use. As examples of applications that are often integrated into different systems, we can mention anything from e-conomic and Dinero to Harvest and Toggl. So what kind of value will you gain from this? By ensuring that the digital applications you use daily are integrated with each other, you can:

  • Streamline the digital setup in your business
  • Save time in your daily work
  • Create synergy between the different areas of your business
  • Increase the ROI on the digital processes in your business

If you already know where the potential with digital integration lies in your business, you can get in touch and hear more about how we can help you with your project. If you’re not there yet, you can get a better idea on how to generate digital value here:

Synergy in your sales processes with integrated CRM systems

CRM systems such as Salesforce and Pipedrive have many advantages in themselves when your company has regular customer contact in connection with sales. But where many really see results is when their CRM system becomes integrated with the other sales processes in their business. It provides better opportunity to utilize possible customers' interaction with your business in the following sales dialogue. 

For example, with their integration, Selected Car Groups event department can register in Salesforce when their event guests, have expressed interest in a particular type of car that can be leased from the leasing department. Because Salesforce is integrated with the leasing departments digital contract system, they can then easily provide a lease offer for the event guests who have expressed an interest. Read more about the integration solution here:

Digital interplay with integrations

When you use applications such as the G-Suite tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.), digital integration is a clear opportunity to make your business's administrative tasks and internal coordination more effective. Most companies carry out other tasks like time management and bookkeeping in other applications such as Harvest, Toggle, e-conomic and Dinero. So you often end up switching between around several different systems that don’t always work well together.

The solution: Your use of digital applications sets the limits

No matter what applications you use, it’s possible to gather them on a digital platform, from where all the applications in your digital setup can be accessed. Here, they will be integrated with each other to make the transfer of information from one to the other seamless. For example, a G-Suite integration to your digital platform can enable new employees in your company to automatically be set up on your platform, where their information then can be used in your other applications. Yet another integration can make it easy for you (in your accounting program) to post invoices for the project tasks you have entered into your time management program.

In short, it’s the use of digital applications in your company that dictate the value you can achieve with a digital integration solution. Want to hear more about your options? Get in touch with us below.