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Digital Optimization

Are there tasks in your daily work that take longer than they should? Many come across this dilemma in connection with their administrative duties and coordination of internal as well as external processes. Depending on what you work with, and how you work, it is always different where the potential for "digital optimization" lies.

How to optimize

Below you will find examples of how to optimize processes digitally. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a non-committal talk about where the potential lies for you and your company.

Streamlining your processes

Do you have several tasks that you need to manage daily? In all probability, you have the chance to save time with complete or partial automation of your tasks. For our current client, Selected Car Leasing, all tasks related to the process of making a leasing offer in the initial phase, to signing the contract in the end, were all handled manually before. Today, this process has been automated in line with a new digital system that automatically generates offers and contracts based on information implemented in the system's database. The unavoidable risk of personal errors connected to the manual work in collecting and coordinating customer data has now been minimized.

By digitalizing processes in your daily work, you can make your work more efficient at the time minimizing the risk of errors that may occur when the tasks are handled manually.

Read more about the case regarding Selected Car Leasing here.

Removing the limitation when using different digital applications

Many companies use a variety of programs and applications in their digital setup. It often means tedious processes when the information entered in one application needs to be used in another. We have solved this kind of challenge for the company, Inviso, by developing a digital platform, in which its various applications have been integrated. With this platform, all of the applications can be accessed through a single login and information can be transferred seamlessly in between.  

By developing a digital platform that gathers all of your applications in one place, you will get a clear overview of your business with easy access to all of its functions daily.

Read more about the case regarding Inviso here.

Automating processes in your e-commerce business 

Even though that companies, working with e-commerce, all offer some sort of a webshop, they still have different working flows. Therefore, it can be difficult to point at one common challenge or process that should, with advantage, be optimized digitally. Also because such businesses already are based on digital solutions. However, one thing that they do have in common, is their focus on maximizing their online ROI in their webshops. In many webshops, the prices of the products are constantly being changed in line with the turnover rates and several other factors. This is one process that can easily be automated in a way that will not only save time but also improve turnover rate and ROI.

By automating time-consuming processes, such as price adjustments, you can improve your online ROI.

Digital interplay through integrations 

If you use applications such as the G-Suite tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.), you have the opportunity to make your administrative tasks and internal coordination more efficient through digital integrations. Many companies carry out various tasks through external applications such as Harvest, Toggle, e-conomic, and Dinero. That is why you often end up "dribbling" around different systems that do not always speak together. A digital integration enables you to navigate between the applications and it will make sure that the applications are connected.

Contact us below if you have any tasks that you might want to optimize.