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Digital Platforms

Digital platforms come in many different forms today, and the concept is often used interchangeably with "web solutions", "websites", or "web systems" in reference to the internal as well as external processes of a business. However, the original meaning of a "digital platform" refers to a platform that specifically facilitates a digital network or a two-sided market, in which value can be shared and exchanged. We have chosen to use the concept in its broader sense and let each digital product speak for itself.

Why digital platforms?

Are you experiencing processes in your daily work where the communication and coordination between your tasks often are confusing and time-consuming? Then it is reasonable to consider how a digital platform can help you and your colleagues.

With a digital platform you can:

  • Optimize administrative processes, time registration, and bookkeeping.

  • Make it easier for your employees to use different digital applications.

  • Make it easier for your customers to access the information they need.

Do you have an idea of ​​how a digital platform can complement your company's digital setup? Maybe it requires features that go beyond the above suggestions. Then contact us and hear more about how we can help. You can also find inspiration in our cases below.

Inviso: Integrating digital applications

Whether it concerns Harvest, e-conomic, Pipedrive, or something else, many companies use a variety of digital applications to handle everything from posting to time management in their daily work. Creating digital interplay between such applications is an easy way to help streamline the digital setup and to minimize any unnecessary friction within the workflows. We have helped the company, Inviso, with similar integrations through its own "Inviso platform". You can read more here.

Selected Car Leasing: Going Digital

A digital platform can be necessary if you wish to digitalize several of your manual processes as it helps you keep every process on track as well as ensure a new and smooth - digital - workflow. Our current client, Selected Car Leasing, used to handle all tasks related to the process of making a leasing offer in the initial phase, to signing the contract in the end, manually. Today, this process has been automated in line with a new digital platform that, among other features, automatically generates offers and contracts based on information implemented in the platform's database. You can read more here.

Do you have a new project in mind? Contact us by using the link below to know more about how we can help.