Digital strategy

With a solid digital strategy, you will have the basis for the right choices to be made in your project. We can help map and implement your strategic process, or advise you on your existing digital strategy. See more about how we can help:

Digital strategy – making the right choices from the beginning

Whether you want to transform your company's digital setup or you want ensure that you have a solid strategic foundation for your project, digital strategy is one of the first things you encounter - and also one of the most important. By adapting the strategy from start to finish in the process, you ensure that the potential of your digital project is realized, and that tangible value is achieved with a high ROI. Additionally, you ensure that your project is rooted in your organization's setup so that it continues to create value in your company's long-term workflow. Especially in terms of ensuring long term value, we can help you make the right choices for your project.

What you achieve with well formulated digital strategy

Some of the most important key words in relation to digital strategy are planning, insight and overview. In other words, it’s about having your finger on the pulse in relation to the project's goals and KPIs from start to finish. By implementing certain central supporting processes, we can help you ensure a project with:

  • An effective process with precise communication and coordination between the project partners
  • Continuous control and overview of the costs of the project
  • Successful implementation and integration of the result in your organization
  • Strategic intermediate goals that will end up being translated into results in practice

Your way to a project with great results

One of the first things we do, is help you ensure that the framework for your project is set in a solid way from the beginning. This includes planning for elements such as concept and product development, project management, UX design and development and launch. If youøve set up a preliminary project strategy, we can help you review it and ensure that all stages of the process are addressed.

In such a process, we place particular emphasis on establishment and planning in relation to seven common strategic elements:

  • Vision & objective
  • Coordination and alignment of expectations
  • Effective development process
  • Quality assurance & test strategy
  • Project implementation
  • Evaluation & subsequent optimization

"WeCode is good at following our ideas, and always has time for a good ping-pong and a little sparring, so that both our dreams and ideas are implemented in a functional way

– Fredrik Højer, founder & co-owner, Spejl Blank

Strategy in a digital project

In many of our projects, we act as advisors and sparring partners that help our customers reach the best possible process. This gives them the freedom to continue focusing on their own tasks while the project is running.

The key word in this connection is good communication, and that is what we value most when a customer comes to us with a task about the strategic overview in their project.  

Do you want to ensure that your digital strategy creates the optimal conditions for your project and your company's workflows? Get in touch with us and hear more about your options.