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E-commerce: What we offer

When it comes to e-commerce, we can help you with anything from setting up a completely new web solution, to converting your existing commerce solution and making sure it is oriented towards where your customers are today . With a solid amount of e-commerce experience at WeCode, we have many different tools to help our customers scale their online sales and presence. So what are the possibilities for you?

We find your business’ path to the customers

First of all, we can help you find out what kind of online setup you need. This includes features that will help you increase your sales results. And the strategic considerations you have made for your setup, we take into account from the very beginning. At the same time, we come up with constructive feedback on how to achieve the e-commerce setup that best suits your business. In a collaboration with us, you don’t just get a developer - you get a sparring partner who will provide you with insight into how you can improve the concept on your solution.

We bring a seamless user experience into your design

Achieving a sharp visual expression in your commerce solution is a central part of your products' customer appeal. No matter if you have a mock-up ready, or if you need a design made from scratch, we’ll provide the solution. Because of our repeated experience with the importance of UX, we make sure to implement considerations about user interface and user experience design all the way through the development of your e-commerce platform. In many cases, we see a good user experience equal conversion. In this process, we also consider the characteristics of your business, for example in regards to whether your target group is B2C, B2B or both.

We make it possible – and encourage you - to think big

If you have a desire to scale your business internationally, there are often many barriers to deal with. In this regard, we’ll help you reach an organized internationalization process with no ugly surprises. From a technological perspective, this also means finding the right online setup for you, whether it’s developed on the Magento, Shopify or Prestashop platforms - or something different.

We help you internationalize your webshop

When you take the step forward towards an international webshop, we make sure to develop your commerce solution so that it appeals to your target groups, no matter who or where in the world they are. We also act as sparring partners on import rules, VAT fee differences, and other legal considerations that must be addressed along the way. At the same time, we ensure that you end up with a centralized solution, making it is easy for you to adapt your individual webshops on an ongoing basis.

An example of this is New Nordic’s Magento webshop from which they sell health products to customers in 12 different countries. Check out the solution here:

We make it easy for your customer to buy your products

Often, our customers' wishes extend beyond standard webshop solutions to include different types of individually customized purchase flows. Depending on which type of process that takes place in your company's sales funnel, we tailor your solution to optimize it. This gives you the functionality you need to create a natural sales flow in your online business.

For example, Spejl Blank needed a well-functioning booking flow, in which their growing user base would be able to easily customize and complete their orders. We solved this for them with a custom backend solution developed in Laravel. 

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