If you are selling products or services, B2B as well as B2C, it often requires a modern and scalable e-commerce solution to stay competitive nowadays. With the right e-commerce solution, your business will be able to fully accommodate your customers and even scale your online sales. We can help you achieve this goal.

The right solution?

We can help you identify, and realize, the e-commerce solution that best suits your needs. This includes the strategic considerations that you need in order to pick the right type of e-commerce platform, the features that will increase your sales, or perhaps just some constructive feedback on your current e-commerce solution if that is what you need. With us, you do not only get a developer - you get a partner who will provide you with valuable insight into how to improve your overall e-commerce business.

The visual expression of your site is very important if you wish to give your customers a proper shopping experience. And we are more than happy to lend a hand. No matter if you have a design ready that needs a second opinion, or if you need a design made from scratch, we are ready to take on the challenge. We will take into account all considerations related to user interface and user experience that are important from a shopping perspective. Likewise, we will make sure to consider the characteristics of your specific business, for instance in regards to whether your target group is related to B2C or B2B - or both if that is the case.

New Nordic

New Nordic wants to provide people with herbal products that can increase our vitality. As the company wishes to spread the use of herbal products to as many people as possible, it is necessary to have a proper e-commerce platform that allows New Nordic to scale on a global level. We have helped the company in its pursuit by developing a webshop that works as a multi-store, which lets New Nordic sell its products to customers from multiple countries. Today, New Nordic has an international webshop that covers 12 different countries in total.

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Spejl Blank

We often experience that our clients wish to go beyond standard e-commerce solutions to include different types of individual and customized sales flows. Our current client, Spejl Blank, requested a functional booking flow, in which its growing user base would be able to easily customize and complete their orders. We solved this by developing a custom-built e-commerce solution in Laravel.

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Sophie Bille Brahe

Like many other businesses, the jewellery brand Sophie Bille Brahe has gone through a process of digital optimization. This includes a new webshop, and on this matter, we have teamed up with the Danish jewellery company. Specifically, we have created a webshop in Shopify that is easy to manage, with a simple look that lets each product speak for itself.

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Originally, the people at Suztain built their webshop in Prestashop. However, as time passed, they realized that they needed to change their e-commerce platform, as the current Prestashop solution simply could not keep up with Suztain’s own standards of running a modern e-commerce business. Suztain wanted a modern webshop that made daily processes such as administration and maintenance simpler to handle. More specifically, Suztain wanted a Shopify solution.

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Agile Development

The agile approach is the seed of our work with our clients. We believe, and experience, that the best results are created when both parties are on board from start to finish. In this regard, the agile process is the ideal process – to us, and to our clients.


Initially, we come together to outline and define the product you want.


At this stage, we work out the UX/UI design together with you and tailor the specific design to the application you want.


When your design is in place, coding the product begins. Naturally, we will handle all of this for you.


When the product is ready, it is time to launch and go live. We will take care of all the necessary testing and quality checking that is needed at this stage.


Now it is time to meet and evaluate the process and, of course, the product itself.