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An API tool that enhances EjendomDanmark’s data processing and data sharing for the benefit of its members.

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EjendomDanmark (The Danish Property Federation) is the trade association of the Danish property industry and represents the investors, owners, and managers of commercial and residential property. With EjendomDanmark, you have a lot of benefits in relation to politics, technology, and demographics. You are a part of both the international and Danish real estate community providing you, among others, with the best market insights. In the latter case, WeCode has helped EjendomDanmark with an Application Programming Interface (API) to provide its members with more opportunities when it comes to data processing and data sharing.








2021 - Now

Application Programming Interface (API)

As a member of EjendomDanmark, you have access to valuable market insights depending on the position you hold, and the extent to which you contribute with valuable data yourself. It is worth mentioning that the database providing these insights relies on data that has been shared from each individual property owner, investor, and/or administrator. EjendomDanmark collects all the data, calculates it, and then provides its members with different kinds of insights and results through a dashboard interface made in Tableau. This might sound like a completed solution. However, EjendomDanmark asked itself: What if some of the property owners and administrators want to take advantage of the data within their own companies and not only by accessing the dashboard interface, common to all others? This is where we, and the Application Programming Interface (API), come into play.

An API is basically a digital bridge, a software intermediary, which allows two digital applications to talk to each other. Today, APIs exist everywhere, all the time, even when you do not know it, and are fundamental for the way we use the Internet. Each time you are using one of your apps on your phone, such as using the Facebook app or checking out today’s weather, you are using an API. More technically, the specific application you are using connects to the Internet and sends data to a server. This server will retrieve that data, interpret it, perform the necessary actions, and send it back to your application. The application will then interpret the forwarded data and present it to you with the information as first requested. In the case of EjendomDanmark, we have provided the company with an API tool that makes it possible to provide each of its members with a unique entry into EjendomDanmark's database, more specifically through an API token, depending on each of the member’s restrictions. This way, each member will be able to extract the data they are allowed to use, and then interpret it the way they want it, internally, in their own company. This API tool also provides the employees at EjendomDanmark with an admin control panel to manage the restrictions for each of its members and to upload new data sets on an ongoing basis. 

Please contact us, if you want to hear more about how an API can help you optimize your digital setup. 

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