All companies need to put aside some money and resources for processes related to finance and bookkeeping. In line with the fact that this is an important job, but often very time-consuming, an increasing number of businesses wish to handle this in a more streamlined, efficient, and less time-consuming manner. As a result, these processes have become much more automated and digitized in the last few years.

Automating by digitizing

At WeCode, we have contributed to this process of digitizing some of the manual steps in relation to finance and bookkeeping. We have assisted various companies in their work on creating new digital answers to their specific challenges. By interacting with multiple accounting systems such as Business Central, or e-conomic by Visma, our clients have succeeded in customizing and optimizing their economic system so that it fits their business and their appertaining digital applications. Through our work, we have obtained profound knowledge of how to help companies create safe and custom-built applications and integrations within their finance systems.


Keepers specializes in professionalizing the financial management of various businesses through digital processes. Through our partnership, Keepers has succeeded in improving its own digital tools as well as implementing new digital integrations to its own platform. Furthermore, our mutual sparring on matters regarding financial management has resulted in an outcome, in which WeCode has enhanced the knowledge and utility of financial systems.


Storing all the receipts and expenses of your company can sometimes be a mess. That is why the people at Keepers came up with a mobile application called Outlay, which makes the task of managing expenses easy for companies and their employees. With Outlay, you can easily take pictures of your receipts, save them in the app, or directly export them into your bookkeeping system. This way, managing expenses becomes quick, easy, and more accessible. Because we developed the app in Flutter, Outlay even works on both Android and iOS.

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Selected Car Leasing

Leasing cars involves a lot of work in terms of complex processes through contract systems, credit ratings, and regular bookkeeping. For this reason, we have helped Selected Car Leasing by building a digital contract- and leasing system that both takes into account the financial aspects that apply to leasing, and the automotive industry in general.

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Agile Development

The agile approach is the seed of our work with our clients. We believe, and experience, that the best results are created when both parties are on board from start to finish. In this regard, the agile process is the ideal process – to us, and to our clients.


Initially, we come together to outline and define the product you want.


At this stage, we work out the UX/UI design together with you and tailor the specific design to the application you want.


When your design is in place, coding the product begins. Naturally, we will handle all of this for you.


When the product is ready, it is time to launch and go live. We will take care of all the necessary testing and quality checking that is needed at this stage.


Now it is time to meet and evaluate the process and, of course, the product itself.