Functionality and Usability

Building an application requires that you take the functionality of the application into account, as well as its user-friendliness, in order to achieve its actual purpose. This may seem obvious, but it is nonetheless essential to anyone who wants to create a proper application. At WeCode, we are fully aware of this, why functionality and usability serve as core concepts in our daily work.

Two Parameters

When we develop new mobile- and web applications together with our clients, we always make sure to consider both functionality and usability, as these two parameters have a direct impact on the end result. 

When it comes to functionality, we make sure that the application actually does all the things that it is intended to do. For instance, does our newly made digital platform actually work, and does it do what we ask for when we ask for it? With regard to usability, we ensure that the application and its functions are easy to use. For instance, does the user find the new digital platform intuitive and easy to navigate?  

Both prior to as well as upon launching an application, we always test these two specific parameters to ensure that everything is in order. When testing the functionality, we compare each actual output of the application with the expected output, making sure that all functions work as intended. In terms of testing the usability, we employ hands-on experience, in which real users test the application. In this way, we are able to see how actual people use the application, and thus, we obtain practical insight on what we may need to alter or improve along the way.