When digital applications are connected

A custom-built platform that connects all of Inviso's digital applications in one place.

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"Data Experts" – that is the term that describes Inviso the best. The company was founded in 2014 and counts 50+ specialists today at its office in Vesterbro, Copenhagen. They are experts in data analysis and business development. Through data analysis, using Tableau and Alteryx, Inviso optimizes its clients’ businesses in a fast and value-creating way.

In every company, there is a number of applications connected to the daily operations. Whether it is related to bookkeeping, lead management, or time management, it is essential that each application works and is delivering some sort of value to the business. However, what many people see as even more essential, is the combination of applications, and the key processes within the business that include the use of more applications. Inviso identified a need for the latter part and we found a possible solution for it: A custom-built platform in Laravel.




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2017 - Now

Multiple Processes - One Platform

As a certified partner of Tableau and Alteryx, Inviso offers its clients licenses and training in data processing. This means that Inviso handles a portfolio of clients who have continuous subscriptions to the applications. But on top of this, Inviso also hosts events, webinars, and training courses to enable its clients to use data as an integral part of their businesses. This also means that Inviso’s business segments require different ways to handle orders - and this is where the platform creates coherence in Inviso's digital setup.

In order to develop the platform, we started by gathering all of Inviso’s business processes and streamline its use of different programs and applications. This led us to set up different integrations in between the applications in a very adaptable way and was achieved by modulating the entire platform so each integrated application can be easily replaced and customized in the future.

The Result

Accounting, lead management, and the management of Inviso's own employees are now managed directly from a platform that includes e-conomic, Harvest, Pipedrive, and G Suite. New employees are automatically integrated into the platform, and when employees log hours on a project, the time spent is automatically registered as well, because each project is connected to the system.

The user experience within the platform has been carefully designed to provide Inviso with a great overview and with the opportunity to easily navigate between the various applications.

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