Machine learning & AI

With machine learning, you can create value with automated processes and data-driven decision making in your company. See more about your options here.

Your options with machine learning & AI

With machine learning, you’ll find an increasing amount of opportunities. What enables value creation with machine learning, for example, is the automated recognition of online patterns, images and text intents. So how can we use this in practice? There are many good examples. To name some well known example, anything from Google's search engine which is based on match of search-intent with automatic optimization, to RogerAI, which uses image recognition to significantly reduce the hassle of accounting and bookkeeping processes. For the individual company, the value lies in supporting your central business processes with data-driven decision making, while bypassing the time consuming data-gathering processes with wholly or partially automated processes.

Strengthen your decision-making with no further investment of resources

Where the possibilities lie in your company, we can help you identify based on what you see as your core businesses processes. For example, for e-commerce companies with a larger inventory, often have a pain point when it comes to the time-consuming process of manually updating their product prices. This process is something we’ve helped automize with the machine learning-based software Elastify.

By automatically adjusting products prices in an ongoing process, the software allows companies to increase profits and minimize their number of dead products. The machine learning models  within the Elastify software, which control the price adjustments processes, is what creates value for the e-commerce companies by saving them from doing it manually.

Give your customers a new kind of experience with AI

With a chatbot on your website, you can meet your customers' needs exactly when they arise. They might have questions about the navigation on your site, a need for support in regards to your products, or a need for elaboration on your services. Either way, you can improve the help you give your customers - and by taking advantage of AI & machine learning, you can do it without spending more resources. For example, the chat bot on our website (Benny) is updated continuously based on the users' chat inputs - and part of this update happens automatically, based on machine learning algorithms.

Spend your energy on the important things

For some managers, there is an "elephant in the room" when considering the possibilities of machine learning and AI: Is the implementation of ML seen as an attempt to replace my employees' efforts with automated processes? But in our experience, machine learning does not replace the need for human effort. On the contrary, automated solutions provide your employees with the tools to scale their work results and focus on the most value-creating part of their tasks. It is thus in the interplay between the technological intelligence and your employees' business insight " that the value is generated.

Are you ready to start your AI project, or would you like to hear more about how your company's processes can be improved with machine learning? Contact us below, and we’ll be happy to provide you with input.