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Certified MobilePay Integrator

Do you need help implementing MobilePay Subscriptions and MobilePay Invoice? As a certified MobilePay-Integrator, we can help you set up the integrations correctly on your business platform.

MobilePay Business

Using MobilePay Subscriptions and MobilePay Invoice, you can easily forward your invoices and quickly receive your fixed payments. It only requires a single swipe on your mobile.

MobilePay Subscriptions:

  • The user signs the subscription with a single swipe in the MobilePay application, and the payments will follow automatically afterwards, without the need of having the user swipe for each payment, each time.

  • The user can easily sign up with a link that has been forwarded through an e-mail, SMS, or through your company's live-chat function, allowing the user to click on the link, pay the first payment as well as sign up for the subscription - both with a single swipe.

MobilePay Invoice:

  • The user can easily pay an invoice with a single swipe in the MobilePay application, without the need for manual entries, and in that way, avoid any unnecessary errors, which will reduce the risk of unpaid invoices.

We have implemented MobilePay at:

Contact us today, if you want to hear more about the process when implementing MobilePay Subscriptions and/or MobilePay Invoices.