Expense management with a mobile app

Outlay handles your receipts directly on the spot. Built to perform on both Android and iPhone from day one.

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Outlay was established by the same people behind the digital bookkeeping company, Keepers, and is built to help companies improve their management of expenses. Due to the fact that the idea of Outlay is derived from specialists at Keepers, the app is built with the right "bookkeeping mindset". Every feature in the app has been carefully considered in relation to every step within the process of expenses; from the employees' point of view in making it user-friendly to ensuring that all crucial procedures, such as approvals, are included and connected to the bookkeeping system.

With Outlay, you can easily take pictures of your receipts, save them in the app, or directly export them into your bookkeeping system.





CRM platform


UI/UX design


Mobile App Development


2019 — now

Get a hybrid app using Flutter.io

Outlay was developed in the Google app-framework, Flutter, which makes it possible to develop a mobile app that is functional and usable on both Android and iPhone from start.

This way, Outlay takes advantage of the performance and functionality from native apps, and the flexibility as well as lower costs related to hybrid apps.

How It Works

Outlay is based on three main steps:

1. Take pictures of your receipts.
2. Review your expenses.
3. Export your expense reports to your preferred bookkeeping system.

When taking a picture, you have the opportunity to upload the receipt, add details, and submit directly on the spot. When you have to review your expenses, it is possible for you to create "approval chains" among your employees that are tailored to your organization and for each department. When you need to export your reports, you can send them as spreadsheets or PDF.

Outlay stores all receipts for 5 years and you can search between specific expenses and their attached receipts whenever you want.

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