Process optimization

To us, digital optimization isn't about redesigning your workflows and replacing your processes. It's more about giving you the tools and time to focus on the core tasks that create the most value in your business. Learn more about your options with optimizing your processes here.

Process optimization in your business

Do you feel that there are parts of your daily tasks that take longer than they should? Many come across this situation in connection with their administrative duties, internal coordination or their research, just to name a few. Depending on what you work with and how you work, it's always different from company to company,where the potential for optimizing processes lies.

If you already know where the potential lies for you, contact us and hear how we can help you realize it. If you are in the process of identifying it, then read on and get inspiration from how our customer cases.

Streamlining and quality assurance of processes

Do you have tasks that you handle on a daily basis? Then there's very a good chance that you can save time with a complete or partial automation of the tasks. For our customer Selected Car Leasing, the process was manual when they  set up and issued leasing offers and contracts. This process was automated in their new system, which automatically generates offers and contracts based on the information implemented in the system's database. The manual work involved in collecting and coordinating customer and car data was thereby minimized along with the chance of errors in the contracts.

With the digitization of a daily process you can make your work more efficient, while removing the risk of the errors that can occur when the tasks are handled manually.

Remove the limitations of using several different digital applications

Virtually all companies use a variety of programs and applications in their digital setup. It can often provide some tedious processes when information entered in one application needs to be used in another. We solved this problem for Inviso with a digital platform in which the various applications in their digital setup were integrated. Through the platform, the applications function together and information can be transferred seamlessly between them. 

A digital platform allows you to optimize the processes around everything from time management and bookkeeping to sales and lead management. See more about the case here:

Automate processes and increase revenue in your e-commerce business 

E-commerce companies have different workflows. Tis also means that the potential for optimization lies elsewhere. Precisely where, our experience in working with commerce companies enables us to help you identify. One point most webshops have in common is that their focus is on maximizing their online ROI. Many webshops are constantly updating the price of their goods, based on turnover rate and a number of other factors. In this regard, we had the opportunity to automate the processes regarding price adjustment of the products in a web shop. Using a piece of software, Elastify, this process is automated so the price is automatically adjusted at the right time based on the factors listed in the software. 

By automating time-consuming processes, you can improve the ROI on your e-commerce setup and thereby increase the return on your products. You can read more about Elastify below.

Digital interplay with integrations 

If you use applications such as the G-Suite tools (Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Drive, etc.), you have a clear opportunity to make your business's administrative tasks and internal coordination more effective through digital integration. Most companies carry out various tasks such as time management and project reporting in other applications such as Harvest, Toggle, e-conomic and Dinero. So you often end up with "dribbling" around several different systems that do not always talk together. 

Your company's use of digital applications sets the limits 

No matter what applications you use, it's possible to gathrt them on a digital platform, where all the applications in your digital setup can be accessed. Here, they can then be integrated with each other so they function together, and information can be transferred between them. For example, a G Suite integration to your digital platform can enable new employees in your company to be automatically set up on your platform, where the employee information can then be used in your other applications. Another integration can for example make it easy for you (in e-conomic or Dinero) to post invoices for the project hours you have entered into your time management software, such as Harvest.

In short, it's your company's use of digital applications that sets the limits for what you can achieve with a digital integration solution. Want to hear more about your options? Contact us below.