Real Estate

The real estate industry is a complex industry to navigate. Taking advantage of your own data can bring your business to another level.

Market Transparency

The real estate business is a huge industry. It covers the business of building, trading, and administrating properties on both a residential, commercial, and industrial level. Market reading, development, appraisal, and management of properties are just some of the keywords in the real estate industry. Thus, it requires deep insight into several complex parameters. Despite these demands, the real estate industry is actually characterized by being rather old-fashioned when it comes to taking full advantage of the immense amount of data.

Specific data related to the type of property, geographical factors, and information about each transaction, including buyer vs. seller, prices and returns, and much more, hold enormous potential. Such data can deepen your understanding of the real estate industry, on a commercial level, if you manage to combine those data. At WeCode, we have assisted and collaborated with major actors within the Danish real estate industry in achieving some of it.


We have helped the people behind ReData building a web application to facilitate every component and feature that ReData provides for its users today. Among these: Tableau dashboards, which are provided by “Inviso by Devoteam”, custom dashboards that are built from scratch, a comprehensive database architecture, and not at least, a control panel for the benefit of the employees at ReData to administrate the platform itself.

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The Danish Property Federation, EjendomDanmark, holds a huge amount of data that its members can utilize and benefit from using. We have helped EjendomDanmark create an API tool that provides each of its members with a unique entry into EjendomDanmark's database. This way, members are able to extract the data they are allowed to use, and then interpret it the way they want, internally, in their own company.

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Agile Development

The agile approach is the seed of our work with our clients. We believe, and experience, that the best results are created when both parties are on board from start to finish. In this regard, the agile process is the ideal process – to us, and to our clients.


Initially, we come together to outline and define the product you want.


At this stage, we work out the UX/UI design together with you and tailor the specific design to the application you want.


When your design is in place, coding the product begins. Naturally, we will handle all of this for you.


When the product is ready, it is time to launch and go live. We will take care of all the necessary testing and quality checking that is needed at this stage.


Now it is time to meet and evaluate the process and, of course, the product itself.