Transparency in the real estate industry

ReData collects and validates data about the Danish real estate market for the benefit of real estate brokers, investors and advisors.

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ReData (Real Estate Data) collects and validates data about the Danish real estate market for the benefit of professional real estate brokers, investors and advisors.

The purpose of ReData, and its digital platform, is to contribute with new and valuable insights that makes the market even more transparent than it is today.

Our Work
We have helped the people behind ReData build a web application to facilitate every component and feature that ReData provides for its users today. Among these: Tableau dashboards, which are provided by “Inviso by Devoteam”, custom dashboards that are built from scratch, a comprehensive database architecture, and last but not least, a control panel for the benefit of the employees at ReData to administrate the platform itself.


ReData A/S


UX/UI Design

Web Application

Backend (Laravel)

Frontend (Vue.js)

Database (MySQL)

Tableau Integration


Customized dashboards


Ongoing (2021)

Transaction Database

The “Transaction Database” is the main component of the ReData platform, and we have had the honor of building this very specific dashboard from scratch.

The Transactions Database provides the users with valuable insights on every single transaction in ReData’s database, including information about buyer/seller, price, return, type of property and much more. It consists of an in-depth filter system which, in combination with a map, enables users to navigate between a large number of transactions.

Database Architecture

The key stone of the “Transactions Database” is, as the name suggests, the database and the architecture behind. First of all, this has been a process of transforming a more traditional workflow with classic spreadsheets, to a dynamic SQL database that is both durable and scalable in the long run.

The database has been carefully mapped and classified to ensure a high standard of data integrity and performance, while the employees at Redata are able to add, adapt, and change the data through an intuitive admin interface.

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