Are you looking for a user-friendly e-commerce solution that can be tailored to your business? Then Shopify may be the ideal platform.

The Shopify Solution

Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that allows you to scale your online business through a strong digital solution. Shopify's control panel is easy to understand and use, which makes it simple for you to navigate and continually adjust your webshop - regardless of your technical skills. Here, you can also access sales figures and other relevant statistics about the customers on your webshop. This makes it simple to optimize and tailor your setup to your target audience. In brief, Shopify has managed to create a functional and user-friendly universe that, with standard Shopify apps and maybe a few purchasable add-ons, helps to ensure you a modern, reliable webshop from the beginning.

Why choose us as your Shopify partner? 

At WeCode, we have solid experience in e-commerce. We have gained our experience through a range of projects and collaborations across different branches, products, and services, which means that we know how to create results across various e-commerce platforms.

Our cooperation - your business 

When you work with us, we adapt our work to your specific business. This means that we always aim to create an e-commerce solution that meets the demands of your webshop and your customers. By collaborating with WeCode, we can guarantee that:

- You get a partner with experience that you can fully draw on. 

- Your Shopify webshop will be able to match the core of your business.

- You will meet your customers at eye level with a professional setup for your products.

Shopify integrations

Finally, we are also ready to help you integrate your external applications with Shopify if that is what you need. As experienced users of both e-conomic and Business Central, we have assisted several businesses with their specific integrations, making daily processes such as administration and finance a lot easier to handle.

Sophie Bille Brahe

Like many other businesses, the jewellery brand Sophie Bille Brahe has gone through a process of digital optimization. This includes a new webshop, and on this matter, we have teamed up with the Danish jewellery company. Specifically, we have created a webshop in Shopify that is easy to manage, with a simple look that lets each product speak for itself.

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Cam Cam

With a digital integration between your Shopify webshop and Business Central, regular activities such as checking stocks, orders, prices, and customers become a mutual process. Together with the people at Cam Cam Copenhagen, we managed to fully integrate their Shopify webshop with Business Central, which has made it possible for these two digital applications to communicate. The result is a work process, in which both administrative processes as well as financial activities have become more efficient and easy to handle. This, consequently, has improved the overall business of Cam Cam Copenhagen.

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Migrating from Prestashop to Shopify can be a tricky task, as it entails rebuilding your webshop from scratch as well as ensuring that none of your business data gets lost in the process. We managed to solve both challenges. The result is a brand new webshop with a fresh design and a bunch of new features. Among other things, the administration and maintenance of the webshop are now much more straightforward. The new Shopify webshop also provides Suztain with better opportunities in terms of integrating the webshop with e-conomic. Most importantly, all of the vital data from the original Prestashop webshop has been successfully transferred to the new Shopify platform, and thus, fully sustained.

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