Timeless webshop for luxury jewellery

The webshop of Sophie Bille Brahe is built in Shopify.

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Sophie Bille Brahe is a Danish jewellery brand. The company was founded in 2011 in line with its debut collection and the iconic earring, Croissant de Lune, which has become a classic signature of the Sophie Bille Brahe design today. Sophie herself describes the pieces as “luxurious and classic, but always with a tiny clash - a detail or twist bringing a modern attitude.”

The webshop is a part of Sophie Bille Brahe’s digital journey in providing its customers with the opportunity to experience the brand and buy the products online. It has been very important for the staff at Sophie Bille Brahe to have a webshop that is easy to manage - also for those who are not developers themselves. For this purpose, Shopify is the right solution.


Sophie Bille Brahe





2019 -

A Shopify Webshop

With a webshop in Shopify, you are guaranteed a user-friendly control panel with a lot of options for implementing the right fitting features through various applications connected to Shopify.

The webshop of Sophie Bille Brahe is a great example of a webshop that is kept very simple without too many features and too much content in order to let each product speak for itself.

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