The content management system, Statamic, is built on Laravel, which is the safest and most widely used PHP framework. With a website developed in Statamic, you are guaranteed a responsive page with a sharp design and an intuitive structure that is tailored to your content.

What Statamic can do for you

If you want to take your website to the next level in a fast, secure, and efficient way, then Statamic could be the way to go. Why? Because Statamic lets you build your website, and CMS, from scratch, with a whole range of possibilities to customize it so that it fits your needs and wishes.

Advanced features integrated into the system 

You rarely have a project, where you do not need to develop custom modules, backup functions, plugins, or cache systems. Fortunately, all these features are included in Statamic, which means that you can practically tailor your CMS (content management system) to your website. In this way, Statamic provides you with a new dimension to help you expand the functionality of your website.

Heightened security

Statamic is also worth considering if you want to avoid a solution where outdated code, and plugins from different sources, give your website a low level of security. Statamic is built on Laravel, which means that, as a developer, you can achieve more with less code. The result is an easy and secure development process.

High performance

If performance is one of your top priorities, Statamic might be the way to go. On top of its intuitive design, Statamic provides you with a fast website through a feature called Static Caching (also known as SSG - a static site generator). In brief, Static Caching is a process, in which Statamic caches static pages and converts them into HTML documents to serve any subsequent requests to those specific pages. It allows you to skip certain steps when you load a page. As a result, navigating and loading your site gets faster.

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