Corporate websites on a new level - without a price tag that scares you off.

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What you get with a Statamic website 

With a website developed in Statamic, you are guaranteed a responsive page with sharp design and an intuitive structure that is tailored to your content. Statamic is built on Laravel, which is the safest and most used PHP framework. If you want to take your website to a higher level in a fast, secure and efficient way, without the extra costs it usually requires, Statamic is for you. So why is it possible to create higher quality at little extra cost.

Advanced features integrated into the system 

As you may know, WordPress is free to use. Therefore, many choose a WordPress website. It provides solid results, and we alsostill develop solutions in WordPress at WeCode. But our experience is that there is rarely a project, where the need doesn't arise to develop custom modules, backup functions, plugins or cache system, which means extra costs in the development of a WordPress page. All these features, however, are included in Statamic in advance. That's what makes it possible to give the website the extra functionality that makes the difference in the user experience, while offering a good price.

Heightened security and performance 

If you want to get away from a solution where outdated code and plugins from a lot of different sources give your website a low level of security, then you have a good reason to read more about Statamic. A secure WordPress solution requires that your developer keeps the page updated, which can mean extra costs - and if you maintain it without any help, the risk is high that it just won't be done. The fact that Statamic is built on Laravel also means that as a developer you can achieve more with less code. It saves both resources and makes the page easy to develop. 

New possibilities

Statamic websites provide a quality level that is usually in the very expensive end in terms of price. But even though it is possible to avoid the very high price level with a Statamic solution, the functionality is not to be mistaken. Statamic is easy to customize, which makes it possible for us as developers to give our customers exactly the solution they want. 

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