From Prestashop to Shopify

Suztain’s webshop has been relocated, improved, and simultaneously sustained in Shopify.

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As the company name implies, Suztain cares about sustainability. Founded in 2016, Suztain produces and sells green, sustainable everyday products. Aside from its own webshop, Suztain’s products are already available in over 500 Danish stores and 3000 stores worldwide, making it a popular sustainable choice.

Originally, the people at Suztain built their webshop in Prestashop. However, as time passed, they realized that they needed to change their e-commerce platform, as the current Prestashop solution simply could not keep up with Suztain’s own standards of running a modern e-commerce business. Suztain wanted a modern webshop that made daily processes such as administration and maintenance simpler to handle. More specifically, Suztain wanted a Shopify solution.





Data migration


2021 - Now

A successful transition

Migrating from Prestashop to Shopify can be a tricky task, as it entails rebuilding your webshop from scratch as well as ensuring that none of your business data gets lost in the process. We managed to solve both challenges.

The result is a brand new webshop with a fresh design and a bunch of new features. Among other things, the administration and maintenance of the webshop are now much more straightforward. The new Shopify webshop also provides Suztain with better opportunities in terms of integrating the webshop with e-conomic. Most importantly, all of the vital data from the original Prestashop webshop has been successfully transferred to the new Shopify platform, and thus, fully sustained.

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