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Suzuki.dk is built in Statamic to achieve a responsive page with an intuitive structure.

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Suzuki.dk belongs to the Danish company, Suzuki Bilimport Danmark A/S, which has been responsible for the auto import of Suzuki in Denmark since 1996. Today, the company is located in Køge and consists of 50 auto specialists. With 78 auto stores and 82 auto repair shops connected, Suzuki Danmark has been, and still is, one of the best-presented auto brands in Denmark.

Having Suzuki.dk as its primary online channel, Suzuki Danmark needs a high-performing and highly functional website with high capacity in line with a great customer base. And for this purpose, Statamic is the solution.




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2019 - Now

A responsive page

With a website developed in Statamic, you are guaranteed a responsive page with a sharp design and an intuitive structure that is tailored to your content. Statamic is built on Laravel, which is the safest and most commonly used PHP framework.

If you want to take your website to a higher level in a fast, secure, and efficient way, without the extra costs it usually requires, Statamic is the right solution - as it has become for Suzuki Denmark.


- Static site generated for speed and stability.
- Flat-file CMS for a high degree of security.
- Amazing UI and UX in the backend to support current business processes.
- Integration with AutoDesktop.
- Integration with Dansk Motor Register.
- Integration with Google Maps.
- Integration to third-party extra equipment warehouse.
- Booking flows for both service and car reviews (directly sent to dealers).

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