UI & UX Design

At WeCode, we see User Experience and User Interface as important aspects in delivering high-quality digital solutions.

Why prioritize the design of user experience and user interface?

If you want to create a sharp and intuitive user experience in your digital solution, it requires thinking beyond functionality. Whether you need a website, a digital platform, a mobile app, or something else, it is the thoughts behind the UI- and UX-design that give the kind of experience you want to provide for your users.

How a UX/UI project with us will look

UX and UI design are basically about researching, developing, and adapting the individual elements of your digital application to meet the users' needs in the way that creates the most value.

When we work with UX and UI in a digital project, we incorporate the user interactions into both design and function in a structured manner. We start by forming the right understanding of your business and your users. This provides the basis for a presentation of mock-ups and wireframes for the solution. The visual design is then prepared on the basis of this mutual understanding of the project’s goals that are created early in the process. With this approach, we ensure that you get a clear plan for how the right user interface and experience are achieved.

the right design

Overall, the road to "the good user experience" can be broken down into three main parts:

  • A Digital design that arouses the user's interest in the application.

  • A level of user-friendliness or "usability" that makes it easy and intuitive for the user to navigate towards his/her goal when using the application.

  • A match between expression and purpose, which creates the right user feeling and contributes to the overall consistency between the application's functionality and core purpose.

Consistency is important

It is important to be consistent throughout the whole process ensuring that the user interface and user experience are considered by all parties working on the project - and not only by the designer. There are many elements that figure into the final user experience. Having that in mind, the focus cannot only be limited to pure design, pure functionality, or to the combination of these two. What is most important for the user experience is what we manage to determine through various tests having the user's mind in our heads over and over again. By ensuring that both the developer, the designer, and the project manager take into account that the process must be adapted to the user experience, we ensure a streamlined process and a professional UX/UI design.

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